2022 Bike Nights Artwork – Vector Artwork – Behind The Scenes

On occasion, I'll have a client that inquires about vector artwork and what's it all about? I'll explain to them that's it's an image compiled of geometric shapes, such as points, lines, and curves. Vector graphics have the advantage over raster graphics when it comes to scalability and lossless quality. You can scale a vector graphic to any size with quality loss.

When it comes to raster images, such as JPG images, enlarging the image causes a loss in quality. This is because the image is composed of pixels that have a defined resolution. I could go on about raster graphics forever, but we are here to discuss the behind the scenes of the 2022 Bike Nights vector artwork.

Let's get to it...

2022 Bike Nights
2022 Bike Nights

So many paths, so little time.

The images above show you the outlined paths of the vector artwork. Vector artwork takes some time to create, but in the end... it's worth it. This vector artwork will retain its quality on a wide range of marketing materials, including: print ads, web graphics, screen prints, and more.

2022 Bike Nights

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