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Graphic Design

Q: What is your approach to designing a logo?

A: It all starts with research and the client's input. Once we have an idea to your liking, we begin the creative process with thumbnail sketches, twenty thumbnail sketches to be exact. When the sketches are completed, I'll have the client examine the sketches and choose their favorite five.

After choosing the favorite five, I'll produce detailed sketches of the five ideas and present them to you for approval. Out of the favorite five, the client will choose their favorite one. The favorite one is then scanned into a computer program and that's where the magic happens and the final high-resolution product is created. Once finished, I will present the finished logo to the client.

Website Design

Q: Can you build a customized website to fit my specific needs?

A: Yes, that's the professional field I specialize in. This is why you will not find a list of prices on my website because every client has specific needs and not a one-size fits all solution.

Q: Can I host my own website?

A: Yes, that's not a problem. In fact I have a few clients that host their own website using third-party hosting services. I will need the log-in creditions for your third-party provider to upload your brand new website.

Search Engine Optimization

Q: Are you Google Certified?

A: Yes, I sure am! I have certifications from Google's "Acadamy for Ads" in Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Digital Sales, and Google My Business. If you would like my completion IDs they're located on this website's About page.

Q: Can you improve my ranking on search engines?

A: Yes, that's what I do. To accomplish the task, I must research your website's current SEO ranking to develop a plan that will increase your ranking.