Google Chrome is now marking non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’.

As of July 2018, Google’s extremely popular web browser Google Chrome will begin marking all websites without HTTPS as “not secure”.  Not only will those websites be marked, but their Google Search Ranking will be affected. If your website is only utilizing HTTP, then it’s time to update.

You may be asking yourself what exactly does all this mean? I’ll explain it and keep it to the point. HTTP stands for “Hypertext Type Protocol” and HTTPS stands for “Hypertext Type Protocol Secure”. I’m assuming from that explanation you understand the difference. HTTPS is SECURE!

HTTPS utilizes a communication protocol that is secure by encrypting transferred data. HTTPS is achieved by investing in an SSL Certificate, also known as “Secure Socket Layer”. The SSL Certificate is a date-sensitive method used to verify that your website’s connection is private and encrypted. Without an SSL/HTTPS your website’s transferred data is not encrypted, therefore it’s not secure and Google don’t like that.

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