Learn your Google search.

Many people use the terms “Search Engine Optimization” and “Search Engine Marketing” very loosely when it comes to Google, but today I will make it very simple for you to understand. When you search a term on Google you receive various results, but most business searches bring up three types of results.

The first results that show up will have [Ad] next to the listing. These are referred to “Search Engine Marketing”. These services are determined by an automated online auction with Google. You bid on certain “keywords” and depending on your budget and bidding strategy, you show up in the rankings.

Next up are the Google Business listings. To utilize this type of listing, Google requires you to have a mailing address (P.O. Boxes will not work). Google utilizes this practice as it majorly reduces the number of spam links for a given area. Once a business is signed up, the business must be verified with Google. This is where the address comes into play. If you do business from a location that customers do not visit, you can list the service area only.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Organic Search Results a.k.a. “Search Engine Optimization”. Google utilizes S.E.O. by reading your websites HTML code elements. Google has spiders that crawl your website code searching for specific HTML elements.

Finally, the one thing just about every user overlooks is Google’s location setting. Make sure your location is set to your specific area. I’ve witnessed smartphones change locations depending on their LTE, 4G, 3G, or WIFI source and bring up very different search results.

So there you have it, that’s Google search results in a nutshell.