Mobile Application Builds

$7,000 minimum startup charge

Mobile applications for Apple's iOS and Google Android operating systems are very complex. They require a great deal of knowledge, time, and effort to put together. Basic applications for mobile devices will start at $7,000 minimum. Applications that require additional functionality will increase the price based on the required work to ensure functionality for devices.

For example, if you require Geo-Location, Camera Function, Payment Function, etc. etc. The pricing for the application can be anywhere from $10,000 up to $100,000. $100,000 would be extremely rare... just depends on what we are building.

Standard Annual Application Up-Keeps

$1,200 minimum annual charge

Mobile applications for Apple's iOS and Google Android operating systems are forever evolving. When operating systems evolve / update, the behavior and functions of the updated operating system can cause coding, features, layouts, images, etc. to break... creating bugs.

The "Standard Annual Application Up-Keeps" covers these updates to an extent. Meaning, if very minimal code changes are required to create an application update. However, if Apple or Google change their operating systems dramatically to the point of having to reconstruct the application's core coding to issue an update... additional fees will be acquired to meet Apple and Google's requirements.

Apple Developer Account

$99 minimum annual charge

Apple charges their developer accounts $99 for annual membership. This grants a member the ability to host their app on the App Store. On the flip side, Google only charges a one-time fee of $25 for lifetime membership. You've got to love the folks over at Google.


$499 first year charge
Invoice #362114

Business Plan
Renews at $324.35 annually
Renewal Date: December 31st
Startup Date: December 31, 2019