What is your payment policy?

The payment policy depends on the project and the client, I'll explain... If you're a brand new customer with no previous business relationship, 100% down payment is required for individual services under $500. If the individual service is over $500, 75% down payment is required.

If you're a previous client and in good payment standings, we can start a project and request payment once completed. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Due to the nature of the Graphic Design and Website Design business, creators must apply these standards to avoid non-payment of services.

This policy also keeps costs and expenses down, while passing on savings to my clients.

For most graphic design projects, please allow on average one-week for final completion of product. As for website designs, please try to allow on average one-month with a minimum of two-weeks for final completion. I want to make sure that you're utilizing your website at full potential. To ensure that potential a professional website shouldn't be rushed.

No, I conduct all business online to keep total costs down and pass on the savings to my clients.

The business logo layout and design process involves logo sketches, revisions, and the final professional output files. Here is a breakdown of the creative process...

  1. The process begins with a series of logo design sketches. Once I've taken a day or so to examine the sketches, I'll choose the best five sketches and present them to you for input.
  2. Next, you will examine the five logo sketches and choose your favorite sketch.
  3. Once you have decided on a logo sketch, I will begin the layout design process using professional graphic design software.
  4. When the professional logo is finished, you will receive a proof of the logo design to view and request any revision you may require. Once you have made your revision decisions, the logo will be finalized.
  5. The finalized logo will be sent to you via Google Drive or Dropbox in the form of various file formats. Formats include: .eps, .svg, .dxf, .png, .jpg, and .pdf.

Yes, I can work on any website that I can access over the internet. If you wish to register your domain and host your website elsewhere that is perfectly fine.

Yes, you sure can. Writing-off your website purchase or annual expense will save you money on your business' taxes at the end of the year. Please visit with your professional tax preparation specialist for complete details.