Tips on how to shoot video for your business.

“This summer, get ready for the greatest low budget blockbuster video. That’s right, your business’ video ads.”

So you need to shoot some video for your business to create a TV Commercial. Before shooting any video, there are two things you need to know that will affect the quality of your final video.

First thing is HOW YOU HOLD YOUR CAMERA. There is nothing worse for a professional business video than filming in portrait mode. This generally pertains to smartphone videos. In fact, it’s so horrible I’m surprised Apple, Samsung, etc. have not forced Landscape video filming. To film your smartphone videos in Landscape mode, just turn your phone sideways. That’s right, just turn the device sideways and you’re halfway there to shooting quality video content. Think of a TV screen or movie theater.

The second thing is the resolution of the video. If you’re filming with an HD camera or modern iPhone or Android you’re probably doing just fine. The minimum resolution you want to shoot for is 1080P. 1080P is HD or as it’s also known Blu-Ray quality. Most modern cameras can shoot in 1080P. However, beware if your device is older than 3 years, there is a good chance it’s only capable of 720P. 720P is the resolution of old flatscreen TVs and regular DVDs. Which is pretty obsolete in today’s world.

One more thing to consider when talking resolution is 4K. 4K is the all-new ultra-HD resolution. Now as of 2017, not everyone has jumped on board the 4K train. If you’re lucky and happen to have the latest-greatest technology items when it comes to the camera, by all means, go ahead and film in 4K. It’s better to shoot too high of quality than too low of quality. Reason being is when you upload your video to say YouTube, YouTube will automatically create a 1080P and 720P for all viewers.

Before I wrap this up, I need to mention a thing about the video’s audio a.k.a. sound. You will need to be close to your microphone to pick up a quality sound. If you’re using a phone and filming from across the room, you will need to acquire an external microphone. When shopping for an external mic do try to hold on to something as they are NOT CHEAP! I’ve tried the cheap ones and they’re a joke. Take some time and go shop around Amazon and eBay and maybe you will pick up a nice used one on the cheap. Prices for QUALITY external microphones usually start around the $400 range. Look for brand names such as Shure™ or Sennheiser™ when choosing a mic.

I hope this helps you with filming a professional video on a budget.