Why you shouldn’t spend a fortune on Facebook advertising.

“I’ve got something to say, don’t spend your money today!”

That’s right, do not spend a fortune on Facebook ads and here is why. For starters, Facebook advertising is expensive and the average return on investment is low. Reason being is nowadays with Facebook you have to boost a post for a good majority of your fan base to even see the post. This is how Facebook is making their money.

Back in the good old days of Facebook, a business had a page, people liked that page, and people saw the business’ posts in their news feed. It was great free advertising. Now fast forward to 2017 and things are different. First off, just because someone likes your page doesn’t mean they are receiving your content. Did you know that a person has to actually opt in to see your posts more frequently? I bet you’re like, “say what?”.

When viewing a Facebook page, next to the “Like” button is a “Following” drop-down button. When you hover/touch the button you will see options such as “In Your News Feed” and “Notifications”. Now you’re asking what do these choices mean? Long story short, this means if your fan base is not choosing certain options, Facebook’s algorithms will be very less likely to show your posts… UNLESS you pull out the old checkbook and start “boosting” posts. Money talks in Facebook land.

Now, of course, they’re exceptions, but I’m talking Facebook pages with very high engaging content posts. If many people interact with your content, Facebook’s algorithm will increase the amount of news feed action you get. However, if you start posting posts that bring very little engagement, your page’s posts will drop in Facebook’s algorithm (people’s news feeds). UNLESS you reprogram the algorithm with money haha! Algorithms love money.

Moving on, the web has a large variety of alternative social networks that you can explore. You’ve heard of Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, etc. They’re all much cheaper to advertise with and you’ll enjoy the high engaging social experience. Many of these networks are basically free, they just require a little of your time. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Do you remember MySpace? Social networks come and go, but all your social accounts should link back to your website to increase traffic, strengthen SEO, and increase your return on investment.